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Hail Damage Roof Repair Ann Arbor MI

Hail Damage Roof Repair Ann Arbor MI

Hail tends to form in powerful storm clouds when temperatures fall to 32°F and lower, which is also when snow can develop. Hailstones are simply chunks of ice. They become capable of causing damage when they get larger than one inch in diameter. Because they’re so compact and dense, hailstones can punch right through a solid object. Some of the Signs You Need Hail Damage Roof Repair Ann Arbor MI:

-Shingles are missing or damaged. Hail damages can result in the immediate loss of roof shingles that were secure before the storm began. Even if the shingles remain in position, they might still be compromised and require replacement. Check dents and cracks with a telltale circular shape that shows the point of impact.

-Broken or clogged gutters. It’s essential to clear out your gutters after a storm as soon as you can. Rainwater spilling out of a clogged gutter can eventually compromise your home’s foundation. Over time, that can lead to erosion and weaken its structural durability. Check out your all gutters as well as downspouts to ensure they remain clear to provide for sufficient drainage.

-Ice damming. Without proper, routine maintenance, roof shingles can become vulnerable to ice dams. This can occur as a result of melting snow that refreezes on the eaves. This ice forms a ridge that prevents water from rain or melting snow from flowing off the roof.

Damage on the Roof Supports or Roof Accents
It may not always be noticeable right away if the supporting components of your roof sustain hail damage. Even when the shingles look to be fully intact, inspect for spots where rainwater seems to puddle during storms. Additionally, check the flashing at vent pipes and around the chimney.

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