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Hail Damage Roof Repair Saline MI

Hail Damage Roof Repair Saline MI

Powerful winds and hailstorms cause billions in damages to homes and businesses across the nation every year. The costs that often result from hail damage can quickly escalate since hail can affect practically anything outdoors, including your vehicles, your windows and especially your roof. There are some obvious indications of hail damage such as dents on your car or broken windows. But it’s the smaller, less noticeable damages from hailstones that often requires a trained roof inspector to identify. Even if there not are obvious gaps on your roof from hail damage, you’ll still need an inspection to assess what you’re dealing with and if you need Hail Damage Roof Repair Saline MI.

Damage can be either cosmetic or functional. It’s the cosmetic type of damage that can sometimes be more significant than it appears. Things like bruising, loss of shingle granules and broken edges can cause major complications even if they seem to cosmetic initially.

The granules are what gives shingles their rough, gritty surface. When the shingles loses their granules, it leaves their asphalt protective coating exposed and vulnerable to the elements, which can lead to accelerated wear and tear. Take a close look into your gutters and the downspouts if a hailstorm recently passed over your area to see if there are granules coming off the shingles.

Strikes from hailstones and high-speed winds can cause shingles to shift out of position and crack. This leads to tears and exposure that leaves your roof with bare areas. Cracked, broken shingles will not be able to shield your roof against the weather.

The impact of hailstones on a residential roof can sometimes be strong enough to shatter the surface of the shingles, causing them to break off from the fiberglass material underneath.

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