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Residential Roofing Companies Ann Arbor MI

Residential Roofing Companies Ann Arbor MI

If you’re looking for reliable Residential Roofing Companies Ann Arbor MI for quality repair or replacement, you can depend on New Roof for fast solutions at competitive pricing.  A leaking roof is a major problem that calls for speedy solutions. If your roof leaks, the immediate question is what’s causing the issue. There could be a few factors to consider:

Blocked Water Flow
Gutters are supposed to collect rainwater and direct it away from your roof. Sometimes your gutters get filled up with all sorts of debris, and rainwater can’t flow out seamlessly. The pooled water then seeps into your home through the roof and soon enough, you start to experience frequent leaks. Ensuring your gutters remain debris-free is an easy fix and might even prevent further damage.

Poor Quality Materials
A roof is only as good as its materials. While installing your roof, you want to ensure that all the roofing materials are up to industry standards. From the roof membrane down to the vents, everything should be high grade. Poor-quality materials are a one-way ticket to roof leaks. When purchasing anything for your roof, always get professionally certified materials.

Poor Installation
Even with high-grade roofing materials, how they’re installed also matters. Poor workmanship could be the doom of your roof. Inexperienced contractors might even end up damaging your roof, causing future leaks. Unless you have prior experience in construction or roof installation, avoid a DIY situation because you’ll end up messing up your roof.

An Aged Roof
Old roofs will inevitably develop structural integrity issues. After enduring multiple years exposed to alternating cycles of heating and cooling, your roof’s quality will deteriorate. Old or missing roof parts such as shingles, ridges, valleys, decking, and underlying membranes can all lead to roof leaks.

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