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Siding Contractor Canton MI

Siding Contractor – New Roof Inc. – Call 734-665-5555

Siding Contractor Canton MI

Siding Contractor – New Roof Inc. – Call 734-665-5555

Even though siding might not be tops on your list of home improvements, it’s simply essential to the overall aesthetic, structural integrity and energy-efficiency of your home. Quality, well-kept siding is a big influence on your property’s curb appeal and market value. But siding’s most important role is to protect your home against the elements and insulate it against extreme heat, cold, wind, pests and debris.

If you observe that your siding is showing its age, it may be the right time to call your local Siding Contractor. It’s much most cost-effective to replace older siding before you start experience major issues. Here’s a few signs from the experts at New Roof, Inc., to help you know what to look for:

-Cracks and warping. These might be the most clear warnings that your siding is not repairable and needs replacement. Even relatively minor cracks can point to bigger problem.

-Bubbles and blistering on your siding. This is a particularly bad sign for siding. If you see bubbles forming under the surface area of your siding, take action soon and call your trusted Siding Contractor. Bubbling is definitely a red flag because it indicates that water is getting trapped in the siding. And because one of the main purposes of siding is to keep moisture from getting in your home, this is a sure sign that it’s not effective any longer.

-Mildew, mold or fungus on your siding. Any sign of mold or other growths siding – especially at the seams – calls for attention right away. These substances grow where they can access moisture, which means that their appearance indicates water is getting into your siding. Although not all types of fungus are cause for concern, it’s worth inspecting your siding to assess its condition.


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