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Chimney Repair Saline MI

Chimney Repair Saline MI

A fireplace is a popular feature that adds a lot to the comfort of a home. However, there are thousands of chimney fires that happen nationwide each year that highlight why it’s so essential to take proper care of your chimney system.

It’s not always easy to know when you should call for professional repair because much of the chimney system is concealed inside.

To that end, here are a couple signs that yours is due for Chimney Repair Saline MI. Call us if you notice either of these so you’ll be able to enjoy your chimney for many without worrying about safety.

-Mortar appears worn down. One of the more obvious warning signs of a chimney in disrepair is when mortar in between the bricks begins to show wear and tear. As it gets older there will start to be gaps throughout where mortar is partially or fully missing. We can inspect your chimney and make repairs necessary to restore safe function.

-Rust forming on fireplace components. While it’s fairly easy to spot problems with the mortar from the outside, it’s not as easy to spot rust on the inside – even though it can be just as big of an issue. Unless you schedule regular inspections of your chimney, you’ll probably miss seeing any rust that’s occurring higher up in it. However, you might see a sign of it from the actual fireplace. When you see any rust in the fireplace or firebox, it’s a sign of moisture intrusion. Generally, that extra moisture is not a good development and can cause bigger problems.

Do not delay to call for our Chimney Repair Saline MI services. We’ll inspect the rusty chimney to evaluate the situation and recommend the best plan of action going forward.