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Insulation Companies Canton MI

Insulation Companies Canton MI

The insulation in your home might not be something you think about much, but it’s a critical part of your home’s comfort system. Some of the warnings that you are due to replace your insulation include:

-Foul odors. Even after a deep clean, are there areas in your home that still smell unpleasant? If so, does it have a moldy odor? There’s a chance the source of the odor is not coming from habitable areas.

Unfortunately, there are some types of insulation that are not waterproof. For example, fiberglass insulation tends to absorb moisture. If your roof gets a leak the moisture will mostly affect your insulation. Moisture on the ground from melting snow as well as high humidity in the summer can have a similar effect on the insulation in your basement and crawl spaces. Damp insulation can be vulnerable to grow mold and cause those unpleasant smells. Even more importantly, mold pollutes the indoor air you breathe.

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-Worsens allergies. Does anyone in your household experience allergy symptoms that do not seem to improve when they’re inside? They might not need a different allergy medication – your insulation may be the cause.

-Moisture damage. Typical indications of a leak are dark areas on your ceilings or damp flooring. Where a leak is occurring there also could be some mold growing. Moisture will not just ruin insulation, but it might indirectly result in water damage. For instance, when water pipes aren’t insulated properly, cold temperatures during the winter can cause them to burst, which is a significant problem for any household. To prevent that from happening, it’s smart to ensure your home is well-insulated throughout.