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Roofing Companies Near Me Canton MI

Roofing Companies Near Me Canton MI

Your home’s roof is its most important structural component. When it sustains damage and starts to show signs of disrepair, you’ll need the reliable services of Roofing Companies Near Me Canton MI to fix or replace it.

Some of the most common causes of a leaking rook include:

Valleys Aren’t Sealed Properly
The area where two planes of roofs connect is called a valley. They drain the snow melt and rain into the gutter. They are usually slope shaped, and if improperly sealed they lead to roof leaks. They are sealed with a mastic material to prevent water from penetrating. Heavy rains can also cause eroding over time, leading to cracks in the mastic material. If the valleys rust, they can also result in leaking of your roof. Fixing this problem requires a professional to install a new sealing barrier along the valley.

Broken Tiles or Shingles
During heavy rains and hail, you may notice pieces of tiles or shingles lying about. This could be a sign that your roof is old and need replacement. To prevent further damage to the roof and the underlying surface it’s advisable to replace the broken tiles. This is done carefully to avoid breaking the other shingles around it. This process may require a roof specialist to check if there are any severe damages beneath the roof.

Damaged Flashing
Flashings are metal pieces fitted on joint areas and are sealed with roof mastic. They are used to create a water-resistant barrier to prevent water penetration. The metals may rust due to heavy rains, causing cracks to form. When the flashings are not properly installed they may slide out and create large gaps. When cracks occur in the flashing they should be replaced to prevent further damage.

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